User Agreement

Make sure your contribution makes sense and fits to the topic (explain your opinion).
Spontaneous emotional outbursts often seem confusing. If because of that think first, then write, read it again and then respond. Any kind of spam is prohibited.

Postings in threads and profiles:
We reserves the right to delete, move or edit any content that is not conform to the rules at any time. This can be done without prior notice to the author. Correct spelling and punctuation is desired. Continuous lowercase is allowed but the excessive use of dialects should be avoided.

Topics (threads):
Create your topic in the matching category. Avoid creating several articles for the same topic in different categories. Choose a descriptive and meaningful title. Don't use ASCII characters and renounce the excessive use of punctuation. Describe your article as accurately as possible. See also see the instructions that are stickied in some areas for additional rules.

Anyone who violates the rules gets a warning. Should this occur repeatedly it can draw a temporary or permanent ban from the community..
The warnings are issued by the moderators and administrators.
Should a user feel unfairly treated, they can discuss this with the next highest point (Global moderator OR Administrator). 
The team reserves the right to punish based on individual cases and things that may not be listed in the rules. 
Users which permanently stir up trouble, provoke or undermine the authority of the team are banned directly.

These rules apply only to regular users, not for staff members. Repeated violations can draw a temporary or permanent ban from Eblogazine community.