Kashmir: Political Debut or Bilateral Issue?

Kashmir: Political Debut or Bilateral Issue?

Kashmir: Political Debut or Bilateral Issue?
Kashmir Issue

Kashmir: Political Debut or a Bilateral Issue?

Its been decades since we indians flagged its independency to the world but as said "A parasite never leaves its host without leaving recurring illness", Kashmir issue being one has managed to become breaking news to all media sites but is this topic even up for discussion?

We have heard of U S President being named liar and Pakistan Prime minister as big fat cheater, in this circumstances was it a wise move to approach with Kashmir Issue? Was it us who approached with the white dove to US President Mr. Donald trump or even that is being framed? but all those answers remain hidden in political vault of feuds and treaties. On further notes we might find few spokes person who claimed that it was india who sought mediation on the kashmir issue.

We, being indians wont accept the fact but with each facts comes a trailing lists of poofs, lets analyse each proof in detail on this excerpt.

219 G20 Summit, 14th meeting of G20 forumof 19 Countries and EU. The 2019 G20 Summit discussed eight themes to Ensure Global Sustainable Development. The eight themes were "Global Economy", "Trade and Investment", "Innovation", "Environment and Energy", "Employment", "Women's empowerment", "Development" and "Health". Does kashmir Issue being addressed fits in any of the above categories? even if does as claimed was it a delibrate move to address this issue in front of other delegates? Ofcourse not. 

India since time immemorial has always pegged and supported Anti-Terrorism and has even made reforms in that direction. Kashmir Issue has indirectly landed on the laps of Terrorism. Terrorism is terrorising people irrespective of the origin whether its a country or a group or a pyscho killer went loose on thirst of "Taaliban". In such case isn't pakistan terrorising people of kashmir who lives legally inside the boundaries of India. Maybe in past it was lack of judgement which landed POK to pakistan yet, those constant attacks has not only costed us or mecenaries but many ammunities along the lines.

Pakistan which has been termed as father of terrorism still claims to work in area of anti terrorism. It took us 36 hours to locate kasab and we exterminated that leach. Shouldnt all those terrorists be dead by now if pakistan really claims to be holding peace flag?

The issue which once was a quarrel between two neighbors has been claimed as "Bilateral issue" and U S Administration now insists on mediation between two countries. Was this indulgence necessary? 

The latest update by ministry of external affairs proved that India never asked for mediation on kashmir.

So, let's hope this issue over kashmir gets resolved before The cat got his bowl of favors.